Brand Strategy

With the support of our global team of experts, we will propose a unique solution, tailored to your business challenge.

Brand Institute offers a suite of brand strategy services to complement our naming, market research, design and regulatory capabilities. These services enable our clients to make insight- and data-driven decisions to build their brands, expand their portfolio and grow their company in a competitive marketplace where disruptive innovation, brand acquisition, and complexity are on the rise.

Great Brand Strategies strike a fine balance between aspirational goals and actionable roadmaps. But, the best ones keep the Customer at the core of every decision, through insights and data.

Joe Bazerghi
Vice President, Commercial Research & Strategy

Brand Audit

The Brand Audit assesses the brand as it currently stands in order to unlock potential opportunities to drive growth and reach its full potential.

When is a Brand Audit needed in particular:

  • when the brand hasn’t yet done any Market Research, since it launched
  • when disruptive competition are changing the market
  • when customers are deselecting the brand for no apparent reason
  • when fundamental brand building questions need answering

Brand Architecture

Brands and companies tend to grow through increasing the depth of the offering, venturing in new markets or benefits territory, and often acquiring brands.

This can result in a sub-optimal brand portfolio architecture: driving confusion in customers, weakening the brand, hindering the positioning of breakthrough innovations, highlighting divisions and silos to external stakeholders.

Our Brand Architecture service is designed to uncover opportunities and recommend the best strategy(es) to drastically improve the naming architecture of the portfolio, to a:

  • simpler,
  • coherent and
  • equity building one

Thus making it more relevant to customers, respecting existing brand equities,  while balancing flexibility and continuity for Innovation launches.

Awareness, Attitude & Usage Research

Understand consumers’ interaction with the category and the product to uncover valuable insights, discover unmet needs and new opportunities for the brand.

When is AA&U Research especially needed:

  • to generate insights and data pre-concept stage of product or service innovation
  • to define the emotional or functional benefit of the next innovation
  • to assess the need for line extension(s)

Concept Testing

Once new benefit-areas, features or market segment opportunities have been identified to fuel the brand growth.

These ideas must be evaluated with the Target Audience during a Concept Testing Market Research, to determine  which one has the strongest acceptance, resonance and appeal.

Additionally, this type of Research generates key insights from customers and decision makers to further strengthen the winning Concept prior to launch.

When is a Concept Testing needed:

  • To enable a data-driven decision on the next innovation
  • To assess the best angle to launch a new technology or feature
  • To identify the concept with the highest appeal amongst non-users or a younger market segment

Brand Positioning

The Brand Positioning Market Research assesses the unique positioning of each of the key players in the Market. The objective is to uncover the best opportunity for growth and uniqueness.

When is a Brand Positioning Market research needed in particular:

  • when disruptive competition are changing the market
  • when customers are deselecting the brand for no apparent reason
  • when brand loyalty is low due to poor brand differentiation

Messaging Testing

Today, consumers are surrounded by more media and devices than ever before. Brands compete for consumer’s attention, and the messaging in marketing campaigns is key to get through to consumers.

Messaging ideas that will be used to develop advertising/ claims/ marketing collateral can be evaluated with Messaging Testing Market Research to identify which has a greater impact, is more relevant and more persuasive.

When is a Messaging Testing needed:

  • When there are different messaging options that can be developed
  • When many messages are being used currently and the company doesn’t know which is working
  • When different messages are used by different teams without data
  • When the company wants to change the core idea of their messaging